January 19 Workday

January workday arrived and time to blow out all those Xmas cobwebs! Fortunately the day was sunny albeit a bit cold and ‘two skips Sunday’ as it was lovingly referred to by our volunters was born.

The task was to clear the accumulated rubble from previous workays collected from various dumping sites around the ditch and remove to the waiting skips freshly delivered on Friday. This sounds reasonable enough  but doesn’t account for the multiple wheelbarrow trips up a bank, up two steps, through an ever decreasing tunnel, over a step at the tunnel entrance and then lifted into the waiting skips. Easy.

The day was made considerably easier by the fact that although in the shade it was cold, the lunch venue involved sprawling all over a bank in the direct sun which was actually very pleasent.

As ever the enthusiasm and energy of our team prevailed and over the course of about threee hours we loaded both with a conservatively estimated 12 tonnes of  rubble. Good job everyone.